Fox Extends Its Primetime Due to ‘X Factor’ Snafu

"The X Factor" will air a special one-hour episode from 9:30 to 10:30 to make up for this week's baseball rain-delay chaos

Fox's primetime will go into extra innings next Tuesday, after rain delays during a baseball game played havoc with the network's schedule on Wednesday and caused mass confusion with the broadcast of "The X Factor."

While Fox initially decided to re-air this week's episode of "The X Factor" in full next week, it will now broadcast a special one-hour edition of the singing competition, featuring the conclusion of the "Judges' Homes" round at 9:30, and air its Tuesday comedies "Raising Hope," Ben and Kate" and "New Girl" in their regular timeslots from 8 to 9:30 p.m.

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The juggling of the schedule will push Fox's primetime to 10:30, past its usual bedtime of 10 p.m.

It also means that "The X Factor" also won't be directly competing with NBC's rival singing show "The Voice," as it would have under Fox's original rescheduling.

Wednesday's rain delay of the National League Championship created chaos with Fox's schedule. After originally hearing that the delay was likely to continue past primetime, Fox began airing "The X Factor," but when the delay was canceled about an hour later, the network pulled back "The X Factor" feed to switch to the game. However, a delay in the switch caused "The Mindy Show" to briefly air for some viewers.

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Meanwhile, another glitch caused "The X Factor"'s east coast feed to air on the west coast, causing some viewers on the west coast to see "The X Factor" prior to its regular 8 p.m. airtime.