Fox News’ Bill Shine Ousted, Onlookers Rejoice (Or Lament)

“Bill Shine covered up systemic sexual harassment at Fox News…but not anymore…,” one Twitter user wrote

Bill Shine
Getty Images

Bill Shine’s exit at Fox News has had conservative figures and fans predicting that the death of the channel is near… and Twitter echoed the sentiment Monday.

Following the stepping down of Roger Ailes as Fox News president in July 2016 and the firing of Bill O’Reilly this past April, Sean Hannity claimed over the weekend that if Shine — who he claimed was an “innocent person” — was out, it would be the “total end of the FNC as we know it.

Whether this is true or not only time will tell. However, many rejoiced over the prospect that there would be some changes to the network, or that the network itself was dead.

Although social media tended to agree, many users had a slightly different take on the news.

Others took the time to remember Shine and his impact on the network. Shine, who had been with Fox News for 20 years, was ousted amid ongoing sexual harassment allegations involving top executives and on-air talent.

Shine was not accused specifically, but had been named in several lawsuits for allegations related to harassment or racial discrimination at the network for his knowledge of indiscretions and alleged involvement in punishing those filed complaints. He has denied all allegations against him.

Supporters of Shine and Fox News called the ousting a “sad day for conservative news,” and that any changes that would come to the network as a result would be the death of “fair & balanced.”