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FX Networks to Receive DGA’s Diversity Award

The award will be presented at the 71st annual DGA Awards on Feb. 2, 2019

FX Networks will receive the Directors Guild of America’s 2019 Diversity Award, DGA president Thomas Schlamme announced on Thursday.

FX is receiving the award due to the network’s commitment to inclusive hiring in DGA-covered categories, according to the Guild. The award will be presented at the 71st annual DGA Awards on Feb. 2, 2019.

“The DGA Diversity Award is a rare honor, given only when exceptional leadership in inclusive hiring is exhibited – and today, FX embodies the spirit of this special award,” said Schlamme. “Just three short years ago, FX made a promise to transform themselves from a network that trailed behind in the area of director diversity, to one that blazed a new trail. In the time since, they’ve gone above and beyond to turn words into action. From CEO John Landgraf to all corners of the network, status quo hiring practices were overhauled into expansive searches for talented women directors and directors of color. By chipping away barriers for talent to be discovered, FX not only impacted the careers of diverse directors, they also enhanced the quality of their shows. FX is an extraordinary advocate for inclusion throughout our industry, and a shining example of how an institution can change its culture. We are very proud to recognize them with the DGA’s Diversity Award.”

In the most recent TV season, 52.6 percent of the network’s roster of directors were women and people of color.

The DGA Diversity Award has only been given out five previous times: In 1997 to Bruce Paltrow, John Wells and Christopher Chulack; in 1999 to Steven Bochco; in 2000 to HBO; in 2005 to Stephen McPherson; and in 2014 to Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers.

The recipient is selected by the Guild’s Diversity Task Force and was unanimously approved by the National Board.