Danny McBride Is Developing a Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series for HBO Max

David Gordon Green and Josh Bycel will also write and co-create show based on iconic Topps cards

Garbage Pail Kids

Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Josh Bycel are developing an animated HBO Max TV series based on the iconic Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from Topps, the streaming service revealed Wednesday.

McBride, Green and Bycel are writing and co-creating the show, which is in the development stage at the WarnerMedia-owned streaming service.

Per HBO Max, the potential show “is inspired by Danny and David’s love for Garbage Pail Kids and Saturday morning cartoons and will be family-friendly for an audience of all ages.”

The Garbage Pail Kids were created by The Topps Company, part of The Tornante Company, in 1985. “The gross-out humor and subversive attitude of Garbage Pail Kids became a worldwide phenomenon that recently celebrated its 35th anniversary while remaining an integral part of a retro revival of all things 80’s,” per HBO Max.

Tornante TV, the studio behind Netflix’s “BoJack Horseman,” Amazon’s “Undone” and Adult Swim’s “Tuca and Bertie,” will produce the show.

Tornante TV’s Noel Bright and Steven A. Cohen will executive produce alongside Rough House’s Brandon James (“The Righteous Gemstones”) along with McBride, Green and Bycel.

The potential series is co-produced by HBO Max, The Topps and Tornante Companies and Rough House Pictures.


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