George Santos Agrees to Be Interviewed by Satirical Host Ziwe, Who Calls Him ‘An Iconic Guest’: ‘My Literal Dream’

The former congressman will sit down for a pay-per-view interview with the host known for baiting guests into humiliating themselves

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Ziwe (Photo credit: Getty Images)

On Saturday, satirical comedian Ziwe invited disgraced former Republican Rep. George Santos to partake in a “pay-per-view interview.”

Ziwe made the offer Saturday, tweeting, “@MrSantosNY would you be interested in a pay-per-view interview? you’d be an iconic guest,” to which Santos replied Sunday, “Let’s do it, @ziwe.”

Santos later confirmed that the pair had spoken, ostensibly to set up the interview between the controversial politician and the former host of “Ziwe” on Showtime, where she would regularly play dumb in order to get guests to figuratively hang themselves with their words.

On Friday, Ziwe had called interviewing Santos her “literal dream.”

While both Santos and Ziwe have stayed quiet on the nature of their interview, the pair will presumably speak about Santos’ recent expulsion from Congress and the numerous alleged ethics violation he committed. Santos was expelled by a vote of 311-114 on Friday.

Fans of the pair were immediately thrilled by the prospect of the interview. One person pleaded, “Santos, please spill the beans.” Another tweeted simply, “This is my Super Bowl.”

Santos has been making other media moves, including agreeing to a repeat appearance on far-right host Laura Loomer’s show. Loomer reached out on social asking him for a “TELL ALL about your GOP colleagues,” to which he responded, “Let’s get it in the schedule soon! 💪🏽❤️”

With the vote, Santos has become the third member of Congress to be voted out since the Civil War, and the sixth member of Congress to be removed in the history of the United States. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Santos insisted on his innocence as the vote was being debated.

He told reporters, “I will not stand by quietly. The people of the Third District of New York sent me here. If they want me out, you’re going to have to go silence those people and go take the hard vote.”

Santos won office in November 2022 and was elected to represent parts of Queens and Long Island amid a storm of allegations that ranged from lying about his mother dying in the 9/11 attacks to claiming he’d worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. He also claimed to have lost four employees in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and that he’d previously won a gold medal in the Olympics.

Ziwerekoru Fumudoh, best known as Ziwe, hosted satirical interview show “Ziwe” for two seasons on Showtime in 2021 and 2022. She previously hosted YouTube series “Baited with Ziwe” in 2017, which featured her “baiting” her white friends into accidentally making race-related faux pas.

Ziwe moved her YouTube show to Instagram Live during the COVID-19 pandemic and began interviewing celebrities in the same fashion. She released her book “Black Friend” this past October.


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