‘Gutfeld!’ Finds ‘Clues’ in 9 White House Corrections to President Biden Speech | Video

“Don’t you get the sneaky suspicion that we’re not the only ones noticing?” the Fox News host asks

The “Gutfeld!” gang suspects there’s a mystery behind the nine corrections — zoinks! — volunteered by the White House after President Joe Biden spoke at an NAACP event this week. Like any good sleuths, the meddling Fox News host and his friends started looking for clues.

“He committed no less than nine errors, later corrected by White House staffers, in a single speech,” Fred – er, Greg – Gutfeld said of the Tuesday night speech. “They were corrected in plain view – otherwise, we wouldn’t have noticed. It made me think: When somebody offers you something you didn’t ask for, you have to ask yourself what’s going on.”

The factual faults found in Biden’s speech included saying he was vice president during the pandemic; that he saved individuals $800,000 in insurance premiums (it was $800); and that Donald Trump said if he loses the 2024 election there will be “bloodshed” — what Trump actually said was that there will be a “bloodbath” if he loses, though a spokesperson later clarified that he was referring to an economic bloodbath for the auto industry. At one point, Biden also called Jan. 6 rioters “erectionists” (which was not corrected, but was reportedly giggled at).

“It’s not like Joe suddenly got worse – he has been this way for quite a while,” Gutfeld said. “What’s going on? Besides watching the leader of the free world turn into a wax museum dummy, this might be a clue.”

That’s when Gutfeld suggested that the unsolicited corrections list could signal an internal push to get Biden out. Ruh-roh Raggy!

“In April, Donald Trump beat Biden for the first time in fundraising,” Gutfeld said. “Many attribute this to the recent trial about his legitimacy. As the polls shifted, don’t you get the sneaky suspicion that we’re not the only ones noticing?

“Maybe there’s a reason Democratic staffers are pointing out their candidate is done. It’s about time to shuffle him off the stage, because why else would they issue nine corrections nobody asked for?”

Watch the entire segment in the clip above — and you kids stay away from the old amusement park, strange goings-on there.


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