Judge Rejects ‘Obnoxious’ $19 Million-Plus Harvey Weinstein Settlement With Accusers

“The idea that Harvey Weinstein can get a defense fund ahead of the claimants is obnoxious,” U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein says Tuesday

Harvey Weinstein verdict
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U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein Tuesday rejected the proposed settlement of the misconduct cases against Harvey Weinstein. The settlement includes a $18.9 million victims’ fund.

“This is not a class action,” Hellerstein said. “I will not give preliminary approval to the settlement.”

Hellerstein also rejected the notion Weinstein, his brother Bob, and board members of the Weinstein Co. would benefit financially, stating, “The idea that Harvey Weinstein can get a defense fund ahead of the claimants is obnoxious.”

The decision came one day after attorneys for Weinstein accusers Wedil David, Dominique Huett, Kaja Sokola, Rowena Chiu, Zelda Perkins and Tarale Wulff filed an opposition document to the proposed settlement.

The attorneys, Douglas H. Wigdor, Kevin Mintzer and Bryan Arbeit, said the settlement was a “cruel hoax” in the document, reviewed by TheWrap.

The lawyers said that with the settlement, Weinstein would not accept responsibility for his actions. The settlement, they said, was one-sided and unfair.

Wigdor, Mintzer and Arbeit issued a statement Tuesday after the rejection of the settlement: “We have been saying for over a year and a half that the settlement terms and conditions were unfair and should never be imposed on sexual assault survivors.  We were surprised that class counsel and the New York Attorney General did not recognize this fact but are pleased that Judge Hellerstein swiftly rejected the one-sided proposal.  On behalf of our clients, we look forward to pursuing justice against Harvey Weinstein and his many enablers.”

Editors note: A previous version of this story stated an incorrect value of the settlement fund.