How HBO Max Can Poach Customers From Disney+ and Paramount+ (and Vice Versa) | Charts

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Audience overlap between shows like “House of the Dragon” and the “Star Wars” franchise or “The Last of Us” and “Picard” points the way

Matt Smith stars in "House of the Dragon" on HBO.
Matt Smith stars in "House of the Dragon" on HBO.

HBO Max is poised to drop the “HBO” from its name in less than two weeks, as Warner Bros. Discovery tries to pitch the higher-priced streaming service it built around the cable brand to a broader set of subscribers

Yet Warner Bros. Discovery may be missing a key factor about HBO’s appeal: Some of its top shows share audiences with competitors’ top properties, suggesting that it could effectively market the service to their rivals’ customers. An analysis of Parrot Analytics’ data — which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, among other engagement — shows a significant overlap in demand between certain HBO shows and properties on Disney+ and Paramount+.

HBO Max and Discovery+ bring together disparate properties and audiences
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