‘Hello I Must Be Going’ Trailer: Melanie Lynskey Shines as a Cougar

Director Todd Louiso zooms in on an unexpected intergenerational romance in the 2012 Sundance festival favorite

"Hello I Must Be Going" plays on a poignant, and familiar, question: Is age really just a number?

Director Todd Louiso's film, a Grand Jury Prize nominee at this year's Sundance Film Festival, follows Amy (Melanie Lynskey of "Two and a Half Men"), a mid-30s divorcée struggling to pull her life back together after the collapse of her marriage.

Amy's story takes an unexpected turn when she begins an impromptu romance with 19-year-old Jeremy (Christopher Abbott of "Girls"). What follows is a film about the disparities between generations and the various shapes that love takes — complete with a welcome dose of Blythe Danner.  

"Hello I Must Be Going" hits theaters on Sept. 7. Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer below: