Here’s Every Change Hollywood Hasn’t Made Since #OscarsSoWhite

Whatever the Oscars do, industry leadership is still dominated by white men

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In the wake of #OscarsSoWhite, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences made sweeping changes to encourage more diverse membership among Oscar voters. The move is a bold change.

It is also the only bold change Hollywood has made in recent weeks to address its lack of diversity.

Each year, the Hollywood Diversity Report from UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies illustrates the extent to which white men rule Hollywood.

We drew on the latest report to show some of the things that haven’t changed — yet:

• Though minorities represent 40 percent of the U.S. population, they are underrepresented by a greater-than-2-to-1 factor in lead film roles, 2 to 1 among directors and 3 to 1 among film writers.

• In TV, minorities are underrepresented by a 6 to 1 factor among broadcast scripted lead actors, 2 to 1 among cable scripted leads and 2 to 1 among digital and syndicated platform leads. Among show creators, minorities are underrepresented 6 to 1 in broadcast, 3 to 1 in cable and 7 to 1 among digital and syndication.

• Film studio heads are 94 percent white and 100 percent male. Senior studio management is 92 percent white and 83 percent male. Studio unit heads are 96 percent white and 61 percent male.

• In television, network and studio heads are 96 percent white and 71 percent male. Senior management is 93 percent white and 73 percent male. TV unit heads are 86 percent white and 55 percent male.