Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood Fundraisers Still On, With Bill Subbing for Candidate

Democratic presidential nominee canceled her scheduled Tuesday appearances after being diagnosed with pneumonia

Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood fundraisers will go on as planned this week, with former president Bill Clinton subbing in for Hillary, TheWrap has learned.

The Democratic presidential nominee was expected to attend two glitzy industry events on Tuesday — one at the home of comedian Seth MacFarlane and another at IAC chairman Barry Diller‘s home. But had to cancel her appearance after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Two people with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap the events are on and that her husband, Bill, will be there to fill in for his wife while she recuperates from her illness.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Hillary Clinton’s big Hollywood donors were “left hanging” after the campaign “charged up to a hundred thousand dollars for fundraisers in L.A. she may well not attend.”

But a person with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap that’s just “B.S.”

“Obviously the campaign needed to make a decision,” the insider said. “Emails have gone out about the plans,” adding that no one in Hollywood is upset about it and that most people just “hope she feels better soon.” The insider also told TheWrap that donors have repeatedly said they will contribute “whether she is there or not.”

Bill Clinton will be subbing for his wife at both the MacFarlane event and the Diller fundraiser, according to the insiders, though MacFarlane might be “slightly later in the day,” one person said.

As TheWrap previously reported, Hillary Clinton was scheduled to swing by Los Angeles for yet another glitzy Hollywood tour this week.

MacFarlane is hosting an event on Tuesday at his Beverly Hills home, with a special performance by Lionel Richie. Tickets for the afternoon event were set at $33,400 for “Contributors.” “Hosts” raising $50,000 get to have lunch and take a photo with Clinton. “Co-hosts” who raise $10,000 will attend a lunch and get “preferred seating.”

Another big fundraiser, at the home of Diane von Furstenberg and IAC Chairman Barry Diller, was priced a $100,000-per-couple dinner. Ex-Disney boss Michael Eisner and wife Jane are co-chairing the event. Tickets are set at $100,000 per couple.

On Sunday, the Clinton campaign said the Democratic nominee “overheated” after having to leave a 9/11 ceremony early. But later that day, Clinton’s doctor issued a statement saying that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was put on antibiotics.