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Hollywood Responds to Gun Control Sit-In: ‘This Is What a Revolution Looks Like’

”Captain America“ Chris Evans, Laverne Cox, Heather Matarazzo and Amy Schumer all voiced their support of the protest

As House Democrats embarked on the 11th hour of their sit-in over gun legislation, members of the Hollywood community expressed their support on social media.

The sit-in began Wednesday morning as the Democrats took to the House floor demanding a vote on universal background checks and sale bans for those on the suspected terrorist list. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan instead called a recess, leading to all House cameras and microphones being shut off.

“Captain America: Civil War” star Chris Evans echoed the sentiments expressed by House Democrats currently protesting.

“We need common sense gun reform. And to be clear, NO ONE IS TAKING AWAY GUNS!” Evans tweeted. “Just looking for COMMON SENSE reform.”

Brandon Routh, who played the titular character in “Superman Returns,” echoed Evans’ sentiments, saying “I stand with Cap!”

Heather Matarazzo, who starred in “The Princess Diaries” called the sit-in a “revolution.”


Even Kim Kardashian West urged her followers to text Congress and demand that they vote on gun control — and claiming the powers that be had gone “on vacation.”

Although “Clueless” star and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash took to Twitter and Instagram to ridicule the sit-in, several others — including Laverne Cox, Elizabeth Banks, “The Office” star Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, and Judd Apatow — tweeted otherwise.


Read their tweets below: