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How to Watch ‘No Time to Die': Is Daniel Craig’s Final Bond Film Streaming?

Daniel Craig’s fifth and final turn as James Bond arrives Friday, October 8

“No Time to Die” — Daniel Craig’s final appearance as super spy James Bond — has finally arrived. Originally scheduled to hit theaters April 2, 2020, the film was one of the first in a long line to be postponed in the early onset of the pandemic. In January 2021, the film release was pushed back one more time to this Friday. The combination of postponements and the culmination of Daniel Craig’s time as 007 have built anticipation very high.

Is “No Time to Die” Streaming?

“No Time to Die” will be released in theaters only on Friday, October 8. It will open in more than 4,400 cinemas across North America. Thus far, a streaming release has not been announced, and one is not expected. So the only way to see “No Time to Die” for the time-being is in movie theaters.

The film has already premiered overseas — gathering a group of magnified fame and celebrity at the royal world premiere in London. Craig’s previous four 007 movies have popped into and out of various streamer lineups in the past.

What is “No Time to Die” About?

“No Time to Die” picks up right where “Spectre” leaves off with the revelation that the trio of preceding Craig films all point back to the organization Spectre that shared affiliation with each previous enemy. The presence of Spectre and Bond’s surprise foster brother Blofeld will play out in the end installment of Craig’s era.

Cary Joji Fukunaga directed “No Time to Die,” which is the overall 25th entry in the Bond franchise The cast aside from Craig includes Rami Malek as Bond’s enemy Safin, Lashana Lynch as a new ‘007 agent and Léa Seydoux as Bond’s love interest. Ana de Armas, Ben Whishaw and Christoph Waltz also star.

Are Daniel Craig’s Other Bond Movies Streaming?

The four films leading up to “No Time to Die” are all available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, YouTube, and Google Play. This lead-up starts with 2006’s “Casino Royale,” which covers Bond’s battle with Le Chiffre and his doomed romance with Bond Girl Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). Next comes 2008’s “Quantum of Solace,” in which Bond fights a new enemy — the organization Quantum — and moves on from his past romance in “Casino Royale.”

The more recent films behind “No Time to Die,” 2012’s “Skyfall” and 2015’s “Spectre” are slightly easier to find outside of the four sites mentioned above. In addition to rental or purchase options on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, YouTube and Google Play, “Skyfall” — which features Adele’s famous eponymous single — is streaming on Paramount+, Hulu and Epix. “Skyfall traces the roots of Bond’s origin, pitting him against villain Silva. “Spectre,” which ties all the films together, is additionally available to stream on the FX cable TV channel.