Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan Rip Into Former News of the World Journalist

Past victims confront former News of the World journalist Paul McMullen on the BBC Friday

British celebrities that have been the victim of phone hacking are taking to the tube to discuss the re-eruption of the scandal. 

The BBC had both Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan on Friday, giving them the chance to engage with former News of the World journalist Paul McMullen, who was in studio.

Grant and McMullen have something of a history. Grant went to McMullen’s pub in Dover earlier this year to record boasts McMullen had previously made to him. McMullen repeated what he had said about rampant hacking and corruption, which Grant turned into an article for the New Statesman in April.

This time, Grant retold that story, with McMullen verifying and smiling all along. However, when McMullen eventually tried to defend himself and his former publication, Grant jumped all over him.

“You have no morals, no scruples at all,” Grant said. “You didn’t care who got hurt so long as you were able to sell your newspaper…your only motive was profit.”

Coogan, another victim of hacking, was equally harsh.

“You're a walking PR disaster for the tabloids…you're morally bankrupt,” he said.