Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Footage Trashed by Fans: ‘Aggressively Awful’

Comic-Con: ABC and IMAX screened a new trailer and clips in San Diego

Inhumans IMAX

New “Inhumans” footage appeared at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday night and unfortunately, it didn’t do much to improve on already released footage of ABC’s upcoming Marvel series.

Fans have been wary about “Inhumans” since the first photo of the characters was released. People compared the looks of the characters to cheap Halloween costumes and said that Medusa’s hair — which she can control and is usually drawn as her most powerful feature in the comics — looked like a bad wig.

The Comic-Con trailer was the first time we’ve seen her hair in action — CGI and all — but it didn’t impress many fans. If anything, many doubled down on the “Party City” jokes. Charles Pulliam from io9 said about Medusa that the “Inhumans budget did you wrong.”

Besides the bad hair work in the trailer, people in attendance at the “Inhumans” panel got to see more footage. Peter Sciretta, editor of /Film, said the audience saw four scenes — not a full episode — in full IMAX. However, the fancy cameras didn’t do much to improve the footage. If anything, it made it worse.

Of course, not everybody was put off by the new footage. Brandon Davis, head of ComicBook NOW!, said the footage did Medusa justice.

You can decide for yourself when Marvel’s “Inhumans” airs exclusively in IMAX Sept 1 and continues on ABC Sept 29.