Inside NowThis’ Push Into Longer-Form Original Video Content

”This content isn’t news-of-the-day quick hits,“ says editor Sarah Frank, who explained that the programming will help the company lure more advertisers

Using quick hit, snackable-sized content, the digital video company NowThis has catapulted it to be the No. 1 most-viewed news brand cross-platform on digital and mobile, according to Tubular Labs. Avid Facebook users and Snapchat Discover visitors have likely encountered the company’s short-form videos, which consist of a series of text layered on top of video.

After scoring 2.5 billion views a month by focusing on “news-of-the-day quick hits,” Sarah Frank, who oversees the new NowThis Originals division, said the company is ready to invest more heavily into the production of more episodic, serialized original content that deviates from its tried-and-true formula.

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