Inside ‘The Craft: Legacy’ and the Push for Trans Representation in Hollywood

”What I’m able to do is contextualize the trans experience for cisgendered people, what this is and how relationships operate in the world,“ consultant Scott Turner Schofield says

Trans actors in prominent roles have for years been absent from major studio films, but that will change this year with the release of Columbia and Blumhouse’s “The Craft: Legacy,” which casts Latin trans actress Zoey Luna as one of its four female leads.

But Luna’s inclusion didn’t happen by accident. Though director Zoe Lister-Jones wrote the character of Lourdes as trans, the character’s representation was the product of an open casting search of over 300 trans actors, as well as the participation of both GLAAD and an independent consultant who specializes in trans issues on screen, Scott Turner Schofield.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk