‘Ironheart’: Dominique Thorne and Anthony Ramos Prepare to Face Off in Exclusive D23 Footage

It’s a battle between tech and dark magic in the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series

There’s a battle between dark magic and tech in Marvel’s upcoming “Ironheart” series.

Exclusive footage debuted at D23 Expo on Saturday, and it opens with our first glimpse of Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams (who will first appear in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”). She gets scolded by a professor, who tells her she “isn’t the first genius” to come out of MIT. She is, clearly, not satisfied with that answer, expressing that she wants to create something “iconic.”

Cue Anthony Ramos as Parker Robbins, aka The Hood. He appears to be an ally to the young engineer at first, telling her that anyone who’s done something iconic has also had to dabble in some questionable situations. But from there, it quickly becomes apparent that Parker has anything but good intentions, as he flicks his hood into place.

The footage ends with a flicker between Riri and her Ironheart suit, which is finally ready for battle.

After the screening, Ramos appeared on stage to speak a little more about the character, explaining that he’s “a complex guy.”

“I think Parker, almost is a guy who was a misfit,” he said. “He wants to take in other misfits and show the world that you looked at us as outcasts but we’re going to end up on top. Parker is … a deep dive into a dark place. But on the inside Parker believes that he’s doing good and Parker has a love for his crew and a love for his people. I’m trying to dance around the plot because I can’t give y’all the deets! He’s a complex guy and Parker kicks ass.”

Marvel chief Kevin Feige had to step in before Ramos said too much, joking: “No more, he’s dancing too close. He deals in the dark arts, he deals in magic. We’ve had technological heroes and villains, we’ve had people with magic, we’ve never seen them at the same time. That’s really unique.”