Isaac Mizrahi Wants Dan Levy to Play Him in a Biopic (Video)

The fashion designer pitched the idea on the Sherri Shepherd show

Fasion designer and entertainer Isaac Mizrahi did not hesitate to cast Dan Levy in a potential biopic based on his memoir, “I.M,” when “30 Rock” actres Sherri Shepherd asked him on her daytime talk show.

I really want someone to do a biopic of your life because it’s so interesting,” said Shepherd, who has recently appeared as Senator Evette Chase in HBO’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” 

Mizrahi ran with the suggestion, responding, “Me too. My memoir. I am a memoir. I wrote a memoir.”

“Then they should do it,” Shepherd continued. “ I know who I think should play you. Who do you think should play you?”

Without missing a beat, Mizrahi named the “Schitt’s Creek” actor.


“Dan Levy, OK,” he said. “I said it. Look how cute he looks.”

Shepherd agreed that Levy would do well as Mizrahi and that Levy could channel the designer.

“He’s so cute. He would be the cute Hollywood version of me, right?” Mizrahi continued.
If he puts on a few pounds. He’s amazing.”

Mizrahi then launched into his pitch to the actor.

“Darling, if you’re watching. Dan, if you’re watching,” he began making the ‘I see you’ hand motion with his two pointer fingers, asking for a camera closeup. “If you’re watching Dan, call me and we can work something out with my memoir, right. What is it called an option. It’s called an option.”

Despite the mixup with which camera he should look at, after which he called himself a grandpa, Mizrahi shot his shot, and Shepherd supported him.

“He would jump at that, I’m telling you,” she said.

Levy is best known for his portrayal of David, the dramatic and lovable brother to Alexis, in “Schitt’s Creek” alongside his father Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Levy has producing and creating credits on the Emmy-winning show as well. He has also recently appeared as a judge in his executive-produced cooking show “The Big Brunch.”