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Jacob Weisberg, Jeff Jarvis Trashing Each Other on Twitter

A 140-character war of words erupts over Jarvis comments about NYT magazine

Twitter feuds between media rivals are fairly common. But a particulalry nasty war of words between Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of the Slate Group (right), and Jeff Jarvis, Buzz Machine blogger and journalism professor (left), is currently exploding on Twitter.

The latest spat apparently started when Weisberg tweeted a link to a Mediaweek post surveying various media pundits — including Jarvis — on the future of the New York Times magazine. Here was Jarvis' comment:

Ask me whether I care. I don’t pick up the magazine. I’d put the reporting where it belongs — in the paper — and let the fluffy specialty magazines with good endemic ad categories take over. Or, turn it into a curation of great content of the week from the Web.

And here’s Weisberg’s tweet:

Amazing that @jeffjarvis, who has such contempt for journalism, is allowed to teach it. http://bit.ly/bioV4Q

Jarvis’ response:

@jacobwe Who died and made you journalism's guardian and king?

And it was on from there:

Jarvis: @jacobwe So by your logic, if I don't kill to read the NYT Mag, I have contempt for jouralism? I said the reporting should continue.

Jarvis: @jacobwe I'm merely following your (failed) business model of creating verticals to bring in revenue.

Jarvis: @jacobwe Here, Jacob, is my full response to MediaWeek. I see no contempt here. I see only yours: http://bit.ly/bg5sCe

Weisberg: Hey, @jeffjarvis, are you done yet? It's a challenge to windbag in 140 characters, but you rise to it.

Jarvis: @jacobwe So you've now added no substance to this discussion, only insult. You are hereby anointed King Troll.

Weisberg: Bear-baiting is illegal, but @jeffjarvis baiting remains good sport. Here's the best of it http://slate.me/aidG6V

Jarvis claims Weisberg is still smarting over a 2008 blog post in which Jarvis wrote, “F— Slate”:

I never liked Slate. And now I like them less. They have a flack send me email bragging that they’ve started a Hillary death watch. F— Slate. Wearing your Obama button, Jake?

Jarvis: Here, friends, is why @jacobwe is having snitfits still: http://bit.ly/cJsXrK He's a bitter little man.