Jake Tapper Presses Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden’s Age: ‘Average American Male Only Lives to Be 77’ (Video)

Things become heated between the CNN anchor and the White House press secretary

Jake Tapper’s interview with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became heated Tuesday when Tapper broached the subject of President Biden’s age.

The CNN journalist started the line of conversation by pointing to a recent poll from The Associated Press that revealed 77% of Americans believe Biden is too old to be president and that 51% believe Trump is too old. Though not as many Republicans think of Trump’s age as an issue, both Democrats and Republicans believe that Biden’s age is an issue.

As Jean-Pierre continued to talk around the question to focus on Biden’s record rather than his age, the conversation became tense between the White House figure and the reporter.

“He’s 80. I think the average aged American male only lives to be 77 or something,” Tapper said, becoming visibly exasperated.

Earlier in the interview, Jean-Pierre pointed to President Biden’s visit to Kyiv after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a proof of his strength. “I’m not saying he’s not able to walk,” Tapper said in response.

The CNN figure also said that Biden has been in politics “since literally before you were born, and he’s aged, as we all do.”

Repeatedly, Jean-Pierre rebuffed Tapper’s question, pointing to Biden’s accomplishments in politics and revealing that it’s “been hard to keep up with this president” given all that Biden wants to accomplish. “I get it. I get what you’re asking me. But the record matters too, Jake. What he’s been able to do, no other president has been able to do if you look at his legislation,” Jean-Pierre said.

The interview opened by focusing on one of those accomplishments Jean-Pierre repeatedly emphasized. On Tuesday, the Biden administration unveiled the first 10 drugs that will be part of Medicare price negotiations. According to Jean-Pierre, this negotiation has been a party priority for “33 years.”