James Comey Got ‘Nauseous’ Watching ‘The Comey Rule,’ Jeff Daniels Says (Video)

“Usually when you tell an actor that their performance made you nauseous it’s not a good thing, but in this case, it was,” Daniels tells “The View”

“The Comey Rule” star Jeff Daniels revealed what former FBI director James Comey thought of Showtime’s two-part miniseries during a visit to “The View” on Friday, saying Comey told him he got physically nauseous watching the actor play him on set.

The miniseries, which premieres Sept. 27, portrays Comey’s relationship with President Trump during his final days as head of the FBI leading up to his dismissal in May 2017.

“He saw it and was emotional,” Daniels said, adding that Comey visited the set and watched he and Brendan Gleeson, who plays Trump, film the scene in which they shake hands and Trump whispers in Comey’s ear.

“That was the day I met him, two months into shooting. He came around the corner and said, ‘Well, you brought it all back. The emotions, the uncomfortableness, the inappropriateness of what I was being confronted with, how I was going to respond. My mind was whirring. I feel a bit nauseous, to be honest,’” Daniels said, quoting Comey. “Usually when you tell an actor that their performance made you nauseous its not a good thing, but in this case, it was.”

Daniels also said he doesn’t care if he gets blowback from Trump and his supporters.

“Well, there is the possibility that he’ll be too busy not preparing for the debate to even watch it. But no, I’m not. This is the time to speak up,” he said. “This is not a time to be nice and hope people come around. This is a political war, and people need to wake up.”

Watch “The View” interview above.

“The Comey Rule” airs in two parts on Sept. 27 and Sept. 28 on Showtime.


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