James Corden Explains Summer 2021 With 2 Minutes of Rhymes (Video)

We would probably pass out

It’s been a rough summer and a real rough couple of days, and you could probably use a laugh (and like 6 drinks). Luckily, James Corden is about the only late night host who didn’t take the week off, and on Wednesday night episode of “The Late Late Show,” he recapped the entire summer of 2021 in two minutes of rhymes.

We won’t insult the art of rapping by calling this rap, but he did manage to touch on a ton of major news items from the last several months with some pretty decent rhymes. Topics covered included:

The return of Bennifer
All the horrible tropical storms
Delta (and antivaxxers/antimaskers) ruining everything for everyone

The Obama birthday party
The draconian and flagrantly unconstitutional Texas abortion ban
The Olympic games and all the other sporting events — the bit where he talks about England’s loss in Euro 2021 is pretty funny

Corden ended the bit this way: “This summer was rought/but I’m holding out hope/get vaxxed/wear a mask/and Gyllenhaal, use some soap.

Watch the whole thing above right now.


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