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James Franco Dons a Tutu and Smears Himself With Peanut Butter for the Public’s Benefit (Video)

“The Interview” star gives fans what they want during a Google + hangout, and what they want is pretty weird

Trust us; no matter how interesting a weekend you might be having, it pales in comparison to how James Franco spent his Saturday.

The “Pineapple Express” star subjected himself to the public’s whims by taking part in a Google + hangout during which he fulfilled requests from fans, no matter how ridiculous.

And yes, they got pretty bizarre.

During the hangout, which was part of Paper magazine’s #MakeJamesDo campaign during their continued efforts to “Break the Internet,” the actor subjected himself to a cavalcade of indignities.

Per his fans’ instructions, Franco donned a tutu, a Santa hat and bunny ears. Then he smeared his mustache in peanut butter and let a puppy lick it off.

Then things really took a weird turn.

Other requests that Franco gamely complied with included painting himself with makeup, singing “Happy Birthday” to a fan while twerking, and French-kissing a sock on his hand.

It’s hard to say who’s stranger: The fans for making the requests, or Franco for fulfilling them.

Watch Franco do his best people-pleasing below.