Jamie Foxx Is Just ‘Like Batman’ in New ‘Annie’ Trailer (Video)

Which makes Quvenzhané Wallis, like, his little orphan Robin

Jamie Foxx is trying to save his city “like Batman” in a new trailer for “Annie,” starring Quvenzhané Wallis as the orphan who helps him do it.

Foxx takes the place of Albert Finney’s Daddy Warbucks as business tycoon and mayoral candidate Benjamin Stacks, who rescues the mischievous little orphan from a collision with a car, and welcomes her into his life for the sake of poll numbers.

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And of course, maybe more.

Rose Byrne plays Foxx’s assistant, and based on the latest look (above) at Sony’s Dec. 19 release, she may end up being meaning more to him, as well.

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Cameron Diaz plays miserable orphanage supervisor Miss Hannigan and Bobby Cannavale co-stars, as well.