‘Scream’ Star Jenna Ortega Reflects on Neve Campbell’s ‘Unfortunate’ Exit Over Salary Dispute

“The franchise wouldn’t be what it is without her,” Ortega said

Neve Campbell and Jenna Ortega (Getty Images)
Neve Campbell and Jenna Ortega (Getty Images)

“Scream” franchise newcomer Jenna Ortega has weighed in on Neve Campbell’s exit over a salary dispute, crediting her with the films’ success over the past 25 years and calling her “the coolest, sweetest, most talented lady.”

Ortega, the breakout actress from Tim Burton’s Netflix series “Wednesday,” is on the cover of Elle Magazine’s April 2023 issue. Ortega opened up to Elle about her starring role in “Scream VI,” and how she didn’t want to let fans of the iconic franchise down. 

“I have so much respect for the franchise that I didn’t want to do it wrong,” Ortega said. “I wanted to do it justice, but I also didn’t want to be ripping anybody off.”

She also lamented how Neve Campbell won’t be joining its next chapter. 

“It was really unfortunate,” Ortega said. “Especially because Neve is the coolest, sweetest, most talented lady. The franchise wouldn’t be what it is without her.”

Back in June, Campbell shared that she would be leaving the “Scream” empire over an issue with salary negotiations, saying she felt undervalued by the amount she was offered despite her efforts and contributions. However, the actress didn’t rule out a possible return.

“It would really depend on what they came to me with next. It would have to be different. It would have to be a different attitude, and I’m not sure that’s going to happen,” Campbell said in an interview with People. “If they came to me with a number that felt right, that felt respectful, that felt in keeping with my value that I brought to the franchise, I’d be willing to consider [returning in the future].”

“Scream IV” comes out in theaters March 10.