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Lie Detector Test Confirms Jennifer Lawrence Is a ‘Psychopath’ (Video)

”Red Sparrow“ star admits she cannot name five X-Men, and that Kim is not her favorite Kardashian

Any lawyer worth his or her antique scale desk-ornament thing would advise their client to never agree to a lie detector test — especially if it’s on camera, and double especially if you are the most famous and beloved actress in the world. Apparently, no one told Jennifer Lawrence that.

Attached to a polygraph, the “Red Sparrow” star answered questions for Vanity Fair ranging from red carpet looks to her relationship with comedian Amy Schumer. The needle definitely jumped on some of them.

Here are just a few things we found out: Kim is not her favorite Kardashian, and J. Law, who plays Mystique in the “X-Men” movie series, could not name five X-Men.

Plus: She’s a bad tipper, and yes, the Hollywood “It” girl Googles herself.

There are plenty more revelations where those came from. Like, you know, the part where Lawrence admits she “is a psychopath” who often thinks about pushing people in front of moving subway trains. The needle confirmed that to be the truth.

Watch the video above.

“Red Sparrow” opens nationwide in theaters today.