‘Rel’ EP Jerrod Carmichael Says Multi-Cam Comedies Are ‘F—ing Terrible’

TCA 2018: You know, other than this one (and his canceled NBC sitcom)

Jerrod Carmichael
Getty Images

Former “Carmichael Show” star and current “Rel” executive producer Jerrod Carmichael really went to town on the current state of multi-camera comedies — just not the ones he has been involved with, presumably.

“There’s a stigma attached to multi-cam, right?” Carmichael began Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour. “And I just think it’s because what it’s become, which is f—ing gross. It’s really f—ing terrible. Like really bad.”

“The ones that don’t respect you as an adult or a person, you know, with eyes and ears and a sense of humor,” he continued. “We pretend it’s good and it’s fun, but it’s really cheesy and bad and they juice the laughs.”

That doesn’t mean Carmichael is giving up on the traditional three- or four-camera sitcom setup, however — clearly. “Rel” is set up and shot that way in front of a studio audience, as was the stand-up comedian’s “Carmichael Show,” which was canceled last year by NBC after a three-season run.

“The format is ripe for a really good conversation with really interesting characters,” Carmichael told reporters and TV critics.

“We’re just gonna try and not f—ing suck,” Carmichael said of his own upcoming effort, which debuts this fall on Fox.