Jessica Tarlov Dunks on Fox News Colleagues Who Say Trump Will Win Youth Vote: ‘He Had Vanilla Ice at His NYE Party’ | Video

“How dare you,” Jesse Watters says in mock outrage over the “Ice Ice Baby” rapper

The Five co-hosts Jessica Tarlov and Jesse Watters
"The Five" co-hosts Jessica Tarlov and Jesse Watters (Fox News)

Jessica Tarlov told her fellow hosts of “The Five” on Wednesday that there’s no way Donald Trump will win votes from Gen Z in the upcoming presidential election. “The guy had Vanilla Ice at his New Year’s Eve Party and you think he’s winning the youth vote?” she scoffed.

Cohost Jesse Watters, who objected, “How dare you?” although it wasn’t clear if he was more stung by the diss against Trump or the dig at the relevance of the”Ice Ice Baby” rapper, who performed his signature 1990 track at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago party on New Year’s Eve.

The former president’s NYE party, which included an appearance by a guy in a Ninja Turtle costume, was mocked as “sad” by New York Magazine.

“The Five” cohosts Jeanine Pirro and Greg Gutfeld were also guests at the party, along with “My Pillow” founder Mike Lindell and indicted former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“This idea that Trump is blowing [Biden] out of the water is just not supported by the data,” Tarlov said on Wednesday’s show. “Look at the last three or four polls: Trump’s up two and then it’s tied in the other, than Biden’s up one.”

She added, “If you believe that Trump will win by 20 points of the Black vote, I have many, many bridges to sell you.”

Watch the clip of the discussion above.

Tarlov, the lone liberal on the Fox News show, often clashes with the more conservative full-time hosts Watters, Pirro, Gutfeld and Dana Perino over issues including vaccine mandates. She alternates moderating duties with Harold Ford Jr., who is also a Democrat.

Vanilla Ice, who’s a Gen X-er at 56, said in a recent vote that pities today’s youth: “Wisdom is a thing that we all need, and Generation X knows it more than anybody on the planet. I feel sorry for the kids growing up in this world today, playing Fortnite and s–t… We are the last living generation that will ever know what it’s like to live without a computer. That will never happen again. We are the last living ones.”


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