Jimmy Fallon Offers Possible Explanations for Trump’s Hand Rash: ‘He Touched a Bible’ | Video

The NBC host jokes it’s also possible Trump “grabbed a hotdog straight off the 7-Eleven rollers”

As Donald Trump appeared in court once again, many noticed some mysterious red blotches on his hand when we waved to crowds. And Jimmy Fallon has a few ideas of what that rash may be from.

During his Thursday night monologue, the “Tonight Show” host played a fake news segment, in which CNN reported on what experts believe was the cause.

“They say it could be he grabbed a hotdog straight off the 7-Eleven rollers,” the fake anchor suggested. “He touched a Bible, he got rug burn from Don Jr.’s leash. But the most likely explanation is he was finger painting the face on his new lawyer, Wilson the volleyball.”

For those who haven’t seen “Castaway,” Wilson the volleyball is the companion Tom Hanks’ character creates while stranded on a desert island.

“Oh, I didn’t know he’s got a new lawyer!” Fallon joked.

The late night host also poked fun at what happened inside the courtroom, noting that the judge at one point threatened to kick Trump out, and the former president’s response was admitting he “would love that.”

Fallon then imagined how the rest of that conversation likely went, including Trump hurling playground insults.

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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