Jimmy Fallon Says Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Putin Clearly Went Well ‘Because Tucker Is Still Alive’ | Video

“It may not mean much to you, but for Trump, this is like watching OnlyFans,” the NBC host jokes

The Kremlin officially confirmed that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson did interview Russian president Vladimir Putin this week, and Jimmy Fallon is pretty sure it went well. Why? Because Carlson “is still alive.”

The “Tonight Show” host poked fun at the situation during his monologue on Wednesday night, after first roasting RNC chair Ronna McDaniel for stepping down from her position. And, though the full interview between Carlson and Putin had not been released yet — it’s set to drop on Thursday morning — Fallon had a hunch that it worked out OK for Carlson.

“You can tell the interview went over well, because Tucker is still alive,” Fallon joked. “Apparently, Putin was a good host. He was like ‘What would you like to drink, tap poison or bottle of poison?’”

The late night host also suspects that there’s at least one person in the world who is very excited to see the contents of this interview.

“It may not mean much to you, but for Trump, this is like watching OnlyFans,” Fallon said, putting on his Trump voice once again. “‘This is incredible!’”

In a video posted to his social media accounts, Carlson defended his decision to fly to Russia and interview Putin, saying “We are not here because we love Vladimir Putin” but because “it’s our job.” Carlson then went on to accuse the White House of spying on him, and stopping a previously planned interview with Putin.

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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