Jimmy Kimmel Attributes Outrage Over ‘Paw Patrol’ to Fox News Being ‘Disappointed’ Looting Stopped (Video)

The late-night host ran a montage of all the times the phony call for “Paw Patrol” to be canceled was mentioned on the network

Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed Fox News Tuesday night, pointing out how many times in recent days the network’s guests and talent have referred to the movement to cancel the cartoon “Paw Patrol.”

“Fox News, by the way, I think they might be disappointed that there’s no looting going on anymore because they have a new focus to distract us from reality and that is manufacturing outrage in response to a non-existent movement to cancel the show ‘Paw Patrol,’” he said, rolling a montage of 18 times the animated children’s show was mentioned on Fox News.

Of course, the call to cancel “Paw Patrol” — which centers around a talking dog named Chase who is a cop — is one largely made in jest as calls to defund the police pick up steam in online discussions. While there are serious concerns expressed about the messaging of shows that center on law enforcement — for audiences in all age demographics — the joke about “Paw Patrol” is usually that even the cute dog-cop must go if the current system is to be abolished.

Kimmel finished the montage with a clip from “The Daily Briefing,” which showed the host telling the Fox News audience, “We should point out that there actually doesn’t appear to be any genuine effort to cancel ‘Paw Patrol.’”

“Yes, you should, so then why are you all talking about it all the time? There’s real stuff to be mad about, you know,” said the late-night ABC host, segueing into a discussion of a new survey that finds Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in almost 50 years.

Watch the video above.