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Jimmy Kimmel Introduces the ‘Twofie,’ Trounces Pharrell Williams in Twofie Competition (Video)

It’s like a selfie, but with two people

Jimmy Kimmel has unleashed his latest craze on the unsuspecting Internet: the twofie.

A twofie is like a selfie, except there’s a second person in the photo with you. Make sense?

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Kimmel and guest Pharrell Williams took to Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday for a twofie shootout. Each contestant had 30 seconds to get as many cell phone photos with passers-by as possible. To qualify, eyes and noses of both people had to be in frame.

In the end, it wasn’t really a competition: the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host won easily with his frenetic pace, taking home the far more casual Williams’ ridiculous hat as a trophy.

Watch the video:

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