Joe Buck Goes Rogue on ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ Loses the Game for His Team (Video)

Ironically, the category was “Women who are smarter than you”

Joe Buck found himself being the number one answer when it came to karmic retribution on “Celebrity Family Feud” this week when, given the chance to win the game for his team, he chose a different answer than they’d agreed on and lost it all. And yes, the answer he was supposed to give out was the right one.

On Sunday night’s episode, Buck was joined by his sister, wife and two daughters to play against actor Oliver Hudson and his family. The final category was — hilariously — “Name a woman in your life who’s smarter than you.” Hudson’s team notched the number one answer on their first guess, allowing them to play the category, but struck out trying to find the final answer, giving the Bucks a chance to steal.

Had they guessed correctly, they would’ve won the entire game. The top answers were “my bae,” “my mom” and “my sister,” so the Buck family had to come to a consensus for what the fourth and final answer could be. After their huddle, Joe Buck stepped up and confidently said “my best friend” — much to the confusion of his team.

Because, as it turns out, “my best friend” wasn’t the answer the team had agreed upon. They decided the answer was actually “my boss,” and Joe Buck simply went against their wishes last minute. “It’s ‘boss,’ we were going to say ‘boss.’ But he—,” his daughter Natalie said, visibly annoyed with her father.

Of course, in the ultimate moment of karma and irony, the correct answer was indeed “my boss” and the women all scolded their patriarch. “I’m so mad,” Natalie said, as Joe’s wife Michelle, added, “Steve, we were literally in the huddle and had all agreed on ‘boss.’”

It was pretty clear this wasn’t a moment of miscommunication or misunderstanding on Joe Buck’s part. He simply chose to go with the answer he wanted, rather than the one his team had agreed on, and when it came time to reveal the correct answer, he prayed that it wasn’t the one he opted out of.

You can watch the full moment above.


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