Joe Scarborough Says Some ‘Too Liberal’ Judges and DAs Let Repeat Offenders Off Easy – But That’s ‘The Exception’

The MSNBC host acknowledges in a brief segue that lenient law enforcement is leading to “some problems”

In the middle of a rail against Donald Trump’s characterization that the United States is in decline, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough acknowledged that some “too liberal” judges and district attorneys are causing “problems” by letting repeat offenders off easy – but suggested those situations are “the exception.”

The segue came Monday as the MSNBC show launched into a segment highlighting the contrast between recent rally speeches by presumed presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump. At one point Scarborough picked through Trump’s assessment of the state of immigration to the U.S., in which the former president said:

“The plunder of our cities, the sacking of our towns, the violation of our citizens and the conquest of our country … they’re conquering our country. These people are conquering our country. They’re horrible people.”

“Wow. Wow!” exclaimed co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“Why don’t you just stand up and say, ‘I want to lose?’” Scarborough said, continuing on to go through Trump’s assertions point-by-point.

But when he stopped on the issue of crime, he offered a rare moment of concession to a consistent conservative grievance:

“The sacking of our towns?” Scarborough said. “I’m not exactly sure. Crime is near a 50-year low despite some problems because of liberal DAs, and some judges who are too liberal who won’t do what they’re supposed to do when repeat offenders keep coming in. But that’s the exception. That’s not the rule. … Donald Trump hates America.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


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