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John Oliver Rips Corporate Mergers, Including HBO’s Time Warner: ‘F— You, AT&T’ (Video)

”It’s the top telecom company around — alphabetically, and nothing else,“ ”Last Week Tonight“ host says of likely new boss

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver took on (and took down) corporate consolidation on Sunday and no one was spared — not even the company that signs his checks.

“Full disclosure here: Even our own parent company Time Warner is currently trying to merge with AT&T, which makes this story a little dangerous for us to do,” Oliver said at the start of his lead segment.

“Although, you know, that is presuming that AT&T executives manage to get their sh—y service working long enough to see it.”

“AT&T: It’s the top telecom company around — alphabetically, and nothing else,” he continued, to the delight of a studio audience apparently as frustrated by the cellphone service provider.

“F— you, AT&T!” Oliver added a few minutes later in an awesome callback after moving on to the airlines and rail against politicians who claim to support small businesses while allowing near-monopolies in many segments of the economy.

Watch the video above.