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Jude Law Explains How to Use the C-word Properly (Video)

The star of ”Dom Hemingway“ also has four variations of the F-word

The Brits know how to properly use the C-word, if there is such a way. And don’t even get Jude Law started on the F-word.

Or do.

In his new film, “Dom Hemingway,” Law, as the title character, may take cursing to previously unforeseen levels. At least here in America.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair at the Toronto International Film Festival, Law referred to the use of language in the raunchy script as “both colorful and descriptive, but also incredibly abusive and quote appalling.”

However, the most vulgar words in our mostly-shared language is all situational, Law explains:

“You can add the C-word at the end of a compliment, and almost say it as if someone is a lucky … ”

He continued, “But you can also put them down by saying they’re an ugly … ”

Make sense? No? Watch the video: