Julianne Moore Says Filmmaker James Toback Targeted Her

Actress says Toback invited her to his apartment on two separate occasions

Julianne Moore
Getty Images

Julianne Moore revealed on Twitter on Tuesday that screenwriter and film director James Toback, who was accused of repeated sexual harassment in a Los Angeles Times report, invited her to his apartment on two separate occasions.

In a tweet to Glenn Whipp, the L.A. Times reporter who broke the story, Moore said that Toback approached her in New York in the 1980s using the same language described by the women who accused him of harassment, namely that he offered her a role and wanted her to come to his apartment to audition. He made the “exact” same offer a month later, and Moore turned him down both times.

In the L.A. Times report, 38 women accused Toback of harassment, and since it has been published, Whipp says that more than 200 more women have contacted him with their own stories of how Toback harassed them.

In an appearance on “Today,” Moore praised the women who stepped forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault and called for Weinstein to be prosecuted.

“Coming forward about sexual abuse and coercion is scary and women have nothing to be gained personally by doing so…through their bravery we move forward as a culture, and I thank them,” Moore said. “We are social animals, we all want to feel included and to be heard and to know that people have our backs, so, yes, absolutely, it’s really, really important [to speak out] because it is a scary thing and it’s important that we rectify the situation.”

Moore can be seen in “Wonderstruck” and “Suburbicon,” which both hit theaters nationwide this weekend.