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Kellyanne Conway Finally Admits She’s Not ‘Helpful’ in Doctored Colbert Cold Open (Video)

”Talking to you is like staring into the mouth of madness,“ CBS host wraps up faux interview

Stephen Colbert welcomed (tape of) Kellyanne Conway to “The Late Show” on Monday, and some clever editing didn’t exactly make her come off like a genius strategist.

“Thank you for talking at me today,” Colbert cleverly kicked off their “interview.”

He then peppered (footage of) Conway with questions about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians during his father’s campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Conway’s answers, which were actually from a “New Day” conversation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, didn’t exactly satisfy Colbert.

“Oh! Oh wait. I’m sorry, I understand: you’re lying,” he finally said.

Colbert shut the whole thing down like this: “OK, I’m gonna wrap this up because talking to you is like staring into the mouth of madness.”

Before the CBS late-night host let his “guest” go, however, Colbert asked Conway how she thinks his studio audience will perceive their conversation.

“No information that was meaningful and helpful was gained from this,” she said.

No one can argue with that. Watch the video above.