LA Times Guild Calls Emergency Meeting as Layoffs Loom: ‘This Is the Big One’

The newspaper intends to “imminently execute another major round of layoffs,” according to the bargaining committee 

LA Times
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The L.A. Times Guild called an emergency meeting on Thursday after leadership was told that the newspaper intends to “imminently execute another major round of layoffs,” according to a memo. 

The Bargaining Committee told members that it can’t say exactly how many staffers the company is intending to lay off, however, in the memo obtained by the New York Times, the union says “This is the Big One.” 

The Times “has asked the Guild to gut seniority protections in our contract so that have vastly more freedom to pick who to lay off,” the memo continued. “If we agreed to their request, they could choose almost any member they want; in exchange, management would add another layer of buyouts and told us they would lay off 50 fewer Guild members from an unspecified total.”

“We need to reduce our operating budget going into this year and anticipate layoffs,” a spokesperson from the Times said in a statement. “The hardest decisions to make are those that impact our employees, and we do not come to any such decisions lightly.”

“We are continuing to review the revenue projections for this year and taking a very careful look at expenses and what our organization can support,” the statement continued.

The Times additionally noted that the Guild has asked for buyouts prior to executing layoffs and that leadership is seeking flexibility in conducting cuts in order to save 50 union roles.

This comes just one week after executive editor Kevin Merida left his role at the newspaper amid tension with owner Patrick Soon-Shiong. Merida took the newsroom by surprise with his decision, leaving after less than three years, five months before his contract was up.

Merida was also reportedly frustrated with Soon-Shiong’s involvement in the newsroom as well as budgeting shortcomings which eventually led to mid-year layoffs in 2023. 

Layoffs were carried out by the LAT in June, where 74 roles were cut from the organization, equating to over 10% of the newsroom. 

More layoffs were expected at the newspaper in 2024.


13 responses to “LA Times Guild Calls Emergency Meeting as Layoffs Loom: ‘This Is the Big One’”

  1. JeffC Avatar

    Look on the bright side. If layed off, you can always learn to mine coal or code

    1. Bruce Jandrey Avatar
      Bruce Jandrey


  2. Dan Avatar

    Imagine that. Nobody wants to buy inchoate leftist propaganda. Who’d-a thunk?

  3. Dan Avatar

    Imagine that. Nobody’s interested in laughable, biased leftist propaganda.

  4. Mike Jones Avatar
    Mike Jones

    Liberal Journalists dont get why their papers are struggling, they all want to be democrat supporters so they alienate 50% of their clients. Producing feel good democrat party talking points only serves the man in power, As a tool, who believes whatever your told, no one wants to hear your news opinions that you were told to write or slant. Even Democrats dont want to waste money on propaganda. Its too late now to write about the actual truth. Good Job people! Learn to code as Joe would say!

  5. Eric Avatar

    Fire them all and shut it down!
    These creeps probably make much more as online trolls for Biden Inc anyway.

  6. Madam DeFarge Avatar
    Madam DeFarge

    It is really sad that they don’t understand it’s the out right lies, propaganda disguised as news, and becoming apparatchiks for the their democrat party masters, that put them in this place. So please sink from our sight, and go directly to hell, that’s where you helped put the rest of us. Hope you don’t survive. That is me being nice.

  7. Sebastian Schumer Avatar
    Sebastian Schumer

    That’s why I call it 
    “The Scum-Angeles Slimes.”
    Good riddance!!
    Bye-bye Felicia!

  8. Liberty One Avatar
    Liberty One

    Who cares if the LA Rag lays off MORE people. It’s nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Demonrat Party & Lefties!!

  9. Sam Smith Avatar
    Sam Smith

    Dementia Biden was caught with a cheat sheet at his WH press conference. The cheat sheet showed him who to pick, Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian, and he had the question she would ask: Do you trust this brain dead cheater? Do you trust the leftist media?

  10. Jim1937 Avatar

    So sad – NOT

  11. Jeff Mason Avatar
    Jeff Mason

    The idea that the owner should not be “involved in the newsroom” is laughable. When ideologue reporters and editors alienate half the potential subscriber base with their leftist tripe, it is the owner, not the employees, who suffers the loss. In an ideal world, reporting would be unbiased and fair but journalism, as an industry, openly gave up on that decades ago.

  12. Bruce Jandrey Avatar
    Bruce Jandrey

    I wonder if there’s any room for them in the Wall Street Journal newsroom. I think they’re quite profitable because they don’t cater to hard leftists that despise work.

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