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Leno Fallout: NBC Loads Up on Scripted Series

Peacock orders more episodes of two comedies and three dramas

NBC’s new slogan: More colorful. Less repeats.

As it looks to fill the gap left by the imminent demise of "The Jay Leno Show," NBC today said that it’s beefing up series orders for buzz comedies "Community" and "Parks and Recreation," as well as dramas "Law & Order," "Law & Order: SVU" and "Trauma."

It declined to say just how many extra episodes it had ordered, or whether the series involved had previously been given full-season orders of 22 episodes. They’re so secretive over there at Universal City these days!

Variety, however, apparently took the time to check with its sources and reports the shows will be getting around two or three episodes added. It’s a late Christmas present. Or an early Valentine, if you will.

All this is particularly good news for "Trauma," which had been left for dead like one of the characters on the show. Now, NBC seems serious about giving the show a second shot.

"Southland," on the other hand? Still dead (at least to NBC).

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