LeVar Burton Breaks Down In Tears After Raising $1 Million For ‘Reading Rainbow’ Reboot (Video)

Burton’s heartfelt reaction upon learning his Kickstarter goal was reached is captured on tape

LeVar Burton cried tears of joy on Wednesday night when his Kickstarter campaign to bring back “Reading Rainbow” met its fundraising goal and beyond.

A cameraman was on hand to record Burton’s reaction at the very moment he reached his $1 million dollar target. His friends cheered and he breathed a sigh of relief when the numbers finally came in.

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Burton addressed his supporters with a heartfelt thank you. “So Kickstarters, I don’t know what to say, we’ve just crossed the million dollar threshold,” Burton said.

“It is our first day. I am overwhelmed, thank you so much, this is going to enable us to really really really do a lot of good. I am so proud that this community has come together to support this effort and it’s a people’s thing, it’s the $5, it’s the $10, it’s the $25, its the $1 pledges, it’s unbelievable, or actually it’s actually very believable, thank you so much, we are literally changing the world one children’s book at a time. God bless.”

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Burton’s Kickstarter has presently raised over $1.7 million dollars and continues to rise like a “butterfly in the sky.”

Watch the video: