Lisa Ann Walter Says She Warned Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Not to Let Her Move to LA After ‘Parent Trap’: ‘She Needs Supervision’

“Lindsay, on her own was sort of what was dangerous,” says the “Abbott Elementary” actress of the then-15-year-old

Lindsay Lohan and Lisa Ann Walter at an event in NYC on June 22, 2005
Lindsay Lohan and Lisa Ann Walter at an event in NYC in 2005 (Credit: Billy Farrell/PMC)

Actress Lisa Ann Walter, who played motherly housekeeper Chessy in the 1998 film “The Parent Trap,” said she warned Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina not to let the then-15-year-old move to Los Angeles by herself.

Walter told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” Wednesday, “I think her coming out to L.A., Lindsay, on her own was sort of what was dangerous. I remember I said to Dina once, ‘You can’t let her come out here. She needs supervision. I’ll watch her. Send her to me.’”

But Lohan did move to L.A. in 2004 and starred in “Mean Girls,” going on to become one of the biggest stars — and tabloid fixtures — of the 2000s.

Walter added that Dina “wasn’t around all that much” for Lindsay, who felt “very responsible” for the rest of her family.

“I used to stay on the phone with them pretty regularly and talk to her mom out in Long Island and, you know, the family was going through struggles and she was such, Lindsay, an involved big sister that with all the family stuff that was going on, she felt very responsible for it. It was a lot,” Walter said.

The actress added that Lindsay “would walk around with [younger kids] on her hip being a little mom.”

Walter also shared she was “not surprised” that Lohan became a huge star after playing twins in “The Parent Trap.”

“I mean, that movie was wildly successful and not just in the States, all over the world, so she was immediately sucked into the vortex of Disney and her mom,” she said, adding she is “beyond thrilled” that Lohan is having a career comeback with Netflix movies “Irish Wish” and “Falling for Christmas.” Lohan is also reteaming with Jamie Lee Curtis for a sequel to the 2003 body-switching comedy “Freaky Friday.

“I really get like a proud sort of mom,” Walter told Cohen.


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