‘Making a Murderer’ Lawyer to Publish Book on Justice System ‘Dysfunction’

Steven Avery’s defense attorney will release offering next year

Another lawyer involved with the trial of “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery is writing a book.

Jerome Buting, one of the defense attorneys who represented Avery during his murder trial, is penning a book for publication next year, the Associated Press reported Monday.

In the book, which will be published via HarperCollins, Buting (pictured above right) will discuss the “dysfunction” of the criminal justice system and, presumably, Avery’s trial.

The Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer” centered on Wisconsin resident Avery, who spent 18 years locked up on a rape charge before he was exonerated, only to be convicted of the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Upon its late 2015 release, the series captivated viewers, many of whom felt that Avery had also been wrongfully convicted of Halbach’s murder.

In January, Ken Kratz, the prosecutor who handled Avery’s case, also said that he is writing a book, which he claimed will prove Avery’s guilt “beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“I believe somebody needs to stand up for the cops, the courts, and the victim by telling the truth and setting forth the vast amount of evidence proving Avery’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Kratz said at the time.

Michael Griesbach, a prosecutor who handled both Avery’s wrongful conviction in 1985 and the much-disputed conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005, announced last month he was writing his own book, “Indefensible: The Missing Truth About Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and ‘Making a Murderer.'” Kensington Publishing plans to publish on March 29.