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‘Making a Murderer': Brendan Dassey’s Brother Raps About Steven Avery’s Innocence (Video)

Brad Dassey says his brother and uncle were victims of injustice in new song

Brad Dassey, the brother of “Making a Murderer” subject Brendan Dassey, has released a new rap song that claims Brendan and his uncle, Steven Avery, are not guilty for the death of Teresa Halbach.

“They Didn’t Do It,” written and performed by Brad, features lines like, “Not a fair trial, not a fair game/Whole thing’s wack, just a lying shame.”

Brad also repeats a claim that has been swirling around the web since the Netflix documentary series premiered — that Brendan’s confession was coerced by the police.

“Locked in a cage, they lied to their face/Injustice such a disgrace/Got to their brains, twisted their claims/Everything’s just a sham/La boom bam,” he raps.

The song also mentions Ken Kratz, the prosecutor in Brendan and Steven’s case. Brad says that people should leave Kratz alone, as he has been flooded with a great deal of negative press, including getting trashed on his law firm’s Yelp page.

Brad also calls on his friends and family to rally around Steven and Brendan, repeating the phrase “Who’s with me?” several times.

Since premiering on Netflix in December, “Making a Murderer” has driven fierce debate about Avery and Dassey’s case, with many concluding after viewing all 10 episodes that the two are innocent of the crime they’ve both been convicted for.

However, Kratz recently told TheWrap that crucial evidence was left out of the documentary, and provided a list of nine things that viewers did not see.

Listen to the song above

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