Mark Thompson Is an ‘Inspired Choice’ as CNN Reinvents Itself for the Digital Age

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Insiders weigh in on the news network’s new CEO, who must navigate entering the streaming arena as linear viewing erodes

Mark Thompson CNN CEO profile
Former New York Times CEO and BBC director general Mark Thompson steps into a challening era as CNN's new CEO. (Getty Images, Christopher Smith, TheWrap)

Ex-New York Times CEO and BBC director general Mark Thompson’s appointment as CNN’s new CEO offers some much-needed good news as the troubled network seeks to turn its ratings declines around and reinvent itself for the digital age.

“This seems to finally place years of C-suite dysfunction into the rearview mirror,” Rosenblatt Securities analyst Barton Crockett told TheWrap, referring to previous chief exec eras, such as Chris licht’s short and disastrous tenure, the controversial departure of news legend Jeff Zucker, and the expensive path Jason Kilar took the network.

“Thompson is as credible as you can get in this space right now,” Crockett continued, “and Warner Bros.