‘Masked Singer’: How Thingamabob and Cyclops Outfoxed the Judges

Spoiler: Neither was Jason Momoa

Masked Singer fox

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.”)

Wednesday night marked the first double unmasking of the season for “The Masked Singer.” Both Thingamabob and Cyclops were eliminated from the competition, meaning that Firefly came out on top for Round 1.

While Thingamabob and Cyclops were sad to say goodbye to the competition, both told TheWrap they were extremely satisfied that they were able to stump the judges.

Judges Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong both had superheroes on their minds for Thingamabob. Thicke insisted that all clues pointed to “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa, while Jeong was convinced that the God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth was behind the mask. But, his true identity was none other than Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata.

“When they guessed that I was like, ‘OK. I do envision myself as Aquaman and Thor, ‘ ” Mailata joked before admitting that he could see how some of the clues might have been misleading.

“I think the ‘Hotel California’ clue definitely got Robin. He definitely didn’t really get the reference with a deeper meaning behind ‘Hotel California’ because then he was like, ‘Oh, he’s from California,’ ” Mailata said, explaining that the clue actually had a double meaning, referencing his team and also the fact that he’s “a big Eagles fan.” The band, that is.

He added, “Seeing the contrast in the judges comments was hilarious. I think I was just laughing the whole time on stage. It was just hilarious. I think Nick [Cannon] thought I was crazy because like hearing the comments, I was just cackling behind my mask.”

The judges didn’t fare much better with Cyclops, conjecturing that either Dave Bautista or country singer Zac Brown might be in the one-eyed monster suit. Cyclops’ true identity turned out to be “Lost” alum Jorge Garcia.

The actor was impressed with some of his clues, including a fiddle — his connection to which was one that “no one” could have known, he told TheWrap.

“It’s actually because as a kid, I was such a big fan of ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ I credit ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ as the two movies that made me want to be an actor,” he said. “My favorite reveals on the show are when everyone’s completely off and it’s a total surprise, and so it’s kind of cool to get to be that.”

As a fan of the show, Garcia said that he’d let his team know he’d love to suit up long ago. When it came time to step on stage he was “super nervous” — especially given his costume.

“One-eyed monsters on this show are a legacy,” he said. “There’s been so many. I just wanted to live up to the other one-eyed monsters.”