‘Lethal Weapon’ Meets ‘The Crown’ in Fake Promo for James Corden, Matt Smith’s New Cop Drama (Video)

Prince Philip is “too royal for this s—“

Matt Smith and James Corden are kicking ass and taking on royal names in a fake promo for a gritty new cop drama, which aired during the “Late Late Show” Thursday night.

In the teaser for “Lizzie & the Duke” (think “Lethal Weapon” meets “The Crown”) Prince Philip (Smith) is assigned a new partner, his wife, Queen Elizabeth II (Corden). The two have an awkward history, but their chief (played by Terry Crews) thinks the by-the-book Duke and the loose cannon queen are the best of the best and forces a team up.

“Come on, Philip! Let’s go and teach these ghastly ruffians some manners,” Her Majesty says before the two take off in slow motion to go bust some bad guys.

The rest is a long compilation of classic cop show tropes being mashed up with subtle (and some not so subtle) nods to Smith’s tenure on the Netflix drama about the royal couple, and the fact that he and Corden are both super British.

“Bend the knee!” Corden screams while holding a perp against a wall, while Smith interrogates a suspect during tea time. The queen then beheads someone and during a shootout, Philip cries, “I am too royal for this s—.”

It ends with the tagline: “This fall on CBS, criminals are royally screwed.” Oh, we wish.

Watch the clip above.