Megyn Kelly Dismisses Stormy Daniels Trump Affair Testimony as ‘Bulls—t #MeToo Revisionism’ | Video

The podcast host adds that the hush money trial’s media frenzy proves people “want to see [Trump] humiliated”

Megyn Kelly entered the ring Wednesday with her thoughts on Stormy Daniels’ testimony of her affair with former President Donald Trump – and she’s not mincing her words, calling it “bulls–t #MeToo revisionism.”

“What shocked me the most is that she completely revised her account of the interlude,” Kelly told Adam Carolla during her SiriusXM show “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “It went from this casual description back when she first came out with this publicly of, ‘He was interesting and he was nice and it was fine, he was a nice guy,’ to, ‘I blacked out!’”

“Her new testimony is, ‘The blood left my fingers and toes. The room was spinning and he was stopping me from getting out because he was sitting on the bed between me exiting the bathroom and the door but in a nonthreatening manner. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t say no. But you know, I didn’t know how I got here. What choices had I made?’” Kelly recounted of Daniels’ testimony. “It’s a bulls–t #MeToo revisionism and everyone’s buying it.”

Trump’s hush money criminal trial has received a lot of flack from media pundits for it’s “sleaze factor,” and Kelly and Carolla agreed that a lot of it boils down to the press wanting to see Trump humiliated.

“They can’t help themselves. This is their Super Bowl, their Oscars, their World Series wrapped into one,” Kelly said. “When Michael Cohen takes the stand, this is the apex of their events. They wanted to hear her talk about Trump and how ‘brief’ the sexual interlude was because they want to see him humiliated.”

The sex and “sleaze” has been hard to avoid since former porn star Daniels took the stand Tuesday to offer testimony on the $130,000 payment to buy her silence. But even being prepared for topics like sexual positions, condoms and more to arise, Judge Juan Merchan had to ask it be dialed back.

“We are going into way too much detail,” he said.

Elsewhere, questions about the jury’s gender demographics – seven men and five women – came up on MSNBC and how it could impact their reaction to the testimonies. Analyst Renato Mariotti said the female jurors didn’t have to be in adult entertainment to sympathize with Daniels.

“Not everybody is an adult entertainment artist, but everybody, and particularly women, have experiences with power dynamics,” Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, said during a panel discussion on “MSNBC Reports.” “People — whoever you are — have the experience of being taken advantage by somebody who’s more powerful than you.”

The hush money trial began back on April 15 and centers on former president Trump instructing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to pay off Daniels and keep her quiet about an affair they had.

Watch “The Megyn Kelly Show” clip in full above.


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