Meyers Wonders How Many Times Biden ‘Casually Mentioned Knowing Obama’ During Black History Month Celebration (Video)

“‘So I was talking to Barry the other day — sorry, Barack — Obama, former co-worker,'” Meyers mimicked

President Biden held an event celebrating Black History Month on Monday, and Seth Meyers is pretty sure the president name-dropped his former boss more than a few times.

During his “Late Night” monologue on Tuesday, Meyers poked fun at the event, which was held at the White House. “Also being held at the White House, everyone’s breath,” Meyers joked.

Indeed, Biden did make a few comments that raised some eyebrows at the event, including when he said, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid.” While that remark earned laughter in the moment, it naturally brought some backlash to Biden online.

But, Meyers is pretty sure that Biden highlighted one thing more than any others during the event.

“Man, how many times do you think he casually mentioned knowing Obama?” he wondered, before breaking out his Biden impression. “‘So I was talking to Barry the other day — sorry, Barack — Obama, former co-worker.’”

In reality, Biden used the opportunity to tout his administration’s accomplishments when it comes to diversity. He reminded folks that he appointed the first Black female vice president in Kamala Harris, and first Black female Supreme Court justice with Ketanji Brown Jackson. Biden also boasted about appointing more Black women to federal circuit courts “than every other president in history combined.”

You can watch Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.